Methodist Day School


Our Preschool and daycare offers an atmosphere that is warm, caring, accepting and loving. Children taught worth-while values through sharing, taking turns, being friends and learning that they are important individuals. We want each child to love learning in his or her first preschool experience.

Your child will have experiences in creative art and music, including group singing, finger plays, movement and rhythm instruments, storytelling, language development, cognitive reasoning, activities to celebrate holidays and seasons. Each preschool day will offer a balance of teacher directed activity and free play. Children will have opportunities to develop social skills, independence and their unique talents and abilities. We will also have creative play with emphasis on balance and movememt. For more information, refer to the menu option, Methodist Dayschool or contact our office at 731-772-0361.

Ashly Richardson

Methodist Day School Director


Tennessee Star Ratings

Our center is evaluated annually by the department of Human Services. We are assessed in the areas of director qualifications, professional development, compliance, parent involvement, ratios, benefits and program. Methodist Day School is proud of our 3-Star Quality Rating and serves as a Strengthening Family Facility, as well.


Oversight and Supervision

Our Preschool and daycare is part of the Children's Ministry of First United Methodist Church. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disbility or age. This is overseen by the children's lay leaders, the professional staff of the church, and the preschool directors. The director will also solicit input from two-non-church members each school year.


Methodist Day School Tuition/Fees

Infant Class, Toddler Class, 2 Yr. Old Class Tuition: $125/week

3 yr. Old Class, 4 Yr Old Class (Preschool) Tuition: $115/week

Part-time Tuition: $25/day

After School Care: $10/day if arrival is after 2pm; $25/day if arrival is before 2pm

Application Fee: $75 @ tyime of enrollment (one-time fee)